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I am finally updating and redoing my website
It has been so long since I did anything new here so I'm completely overhauling everything.
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The Force Unleashed

Jedi Temple DLC


The Force Unleashed:
Jedi Temple DLC Walkthrough

The Force Unleashed's first level DLC is the Jedi Temple. The Apprentice returns the the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Corusant to find out more information about his father.

Go ahead and start off on the easy level. You need to do every difficulty if you want to get all the achievements anyways so you might as well start off easy and learn your way around. Unless like me, once you do it you decide "Ehh, not worth doing again". .

You start off sliding down the ramp of your ship and dropping to a landing pad below. .

Get ready for a fight! Once you land you are hammered by Every Storm Trooper known in the game. If you head up the walkway, some energy shields will pop up and block some of the fire coming from the ones guarding the door. I found it easiest to shove most of the baddies off the side of the platform rather then fight them head on. .

Once you deal with the soldiers there are two beams forming an X in front of the door, use the force to move them up and the door will open..

Once inside you need to fight more baddies then use the force to raise the door on the right side (as you enter) of the entrance room. Run through the door before it drops shut..

Drop down the hole and enter the "Training Arena". A bunch of droids armed with Lightsabers will start attacking you. You can earn a ton of points fighting the droids and they will keep coming until you take out the "projectors" that create them. When you get tired of fighting droids, jump up to the second level and run around destroying the projectors that encircle the arena. Kill off the last of the droids and a cut scene will show a door on the upper level opening..

Go through that door and down the hall. You will come out on a broken balcony in the Chasm. Kill off the flying stormies that keep pestering you and use the force to lift the broken walkway on your right (it will be flashing blue). Again a cut scene shows the door that you entered the "Training Arena" opening back up. Head back down the hall and go back through the arena killing the droids that have entered the room when the floor opened up. Go back out the door that you used to enter the Arena and go back up the hole, use the force to raise the door and go back to the main entrance area. .

Fight more baddies that appear (where were they before?) and use the force to blast the face off the statue, then use the force to clear away the debris blocking the hallway on the other side (left side as you enter) of the entrance room..

Go down the hall and once again, use the force to raise a door. Stand off to the right side as you open the door so you don't get nailed by the snipers inside the room. Kill all the baddies in that room (use the big ball to kill 10 for an achievement) and go through the hallway further in the room on the right. Drop down the hole, walk down the hall and you are on a balcony in the chasm again. Toss your Lightsaber at the statue to send it crashing to the ground..

Go back up the hole, kill more baddies (where do these guys come from), use the force to lift the door again, exit the room, down the hall, back to the main entrance, kill more baddies and finally force jump the chasm (Double Jump and Dash to make it across ala Junk Yard), I had the hardest time making this jump. Just keep trying and wait until the very last step to jump. .

Now the game gets really boring. Watch a cutscene, use the force to move a glowing ball along a glowing line, rinse and repeat. Use the force to move some broken walkway segments into place so you can jump across the "void". This part is very lame..

Finally you reach the Boss. Just keep jumping and hacking and blasting and shocking him. You will eventually beat him, game over..

Overall, not worth the $10.



The Force Unleashed

Tatooine DLC


The Force Unleashed:
Tatooine DLC Walkthrough

You start off getting dropped on Tattoine.

Go to Jabbas:
As you head up the path to Jabbas you kill some Jawas (always fun) and droids. When you see the Jawa Sandcrawler go up to it's left side (as you are facing it) and force push it off the bridge. Work your way through the landslide while double jumping/dashing over the holes. Watch for Tusken Snipers as they must like Jabba since they are guarding the entrance area. When you get to Jabbas front door, the little Robo-Eyeballs pop out the door. You must zap them with lightning to short out the security.

At Jabbas:
Battle some of Jabbas Gamorrean Guards until Jabba opens the door and invites you in. Cutscene: Talk to Jabba, he gets PO'd and drops you in the Rancor Pit. While dodging the boulders being hurled by the Rancor, use the force to lift the door and go through. Wait for the Rancor to come after you and drop the door on his head (Luke did it, why not try it yourself). Now flee the area, cut off a Robo-Eyes to open the doors, kill more baddies. Use force lightning to disable the electric field generators in the ceiling.

When you get to the Droid Torturing room, use the force to sizzle the power droids feet a couple times for an achievement. Use the force to lift the power core on the left side of the door, this will disable the force field and you can pass through. Repeat to enter the room of Hacked Purge Troopers. Kill them off and use the force to open the doors and jump into the tube. Enter the room with the giant crushing roller. Toss a few Jawas under the roller to get an achievement.

Hey Look, your old Pal Proxy is here, but he's in pretty bad shape. Use the force to pick up Proxy and hold him in front of the Big Robo-Eye in the corner. He will trick the scanner and the crushing roller will lift. Now run and jump through the doors and fire. Just before the end of the tunnel there is a decending tube on the left, jump in it.

Cutscene intro to Boba Fett. It seems the easiest way to down Boba is to constantly zap him with Lightning. So keep dodging and zapping till his jetpack goes wacky and sends him smashing to the ground. Then do the Quicktime Kill.

Now you meet up with Obi-Wan in the Space Port, fight him and then do the Quicktime Kill.

Now you get to fight the Ghost of Obi-Wan who is really only effected by Lightning.

The end.

All in All, quite lame compared to the original game.
Two DLC's and both are pretty useless.